School Council

The School Council are involved with all aspects of school life. We value their opinions and through the School Council all children in Bryn Deva have their voices heard on decisions which affect them. Our School Council meetings provide a formal way in which the children can participate in decision making in school.


Every September the children are asked if they feel that they would like to make a contribution to the school by being a member of the School Council. Pupils then present their thoughts about their own skills and qualities and discuss what contributions they could make to the council in front of their classes. Secret elections then take place. The results are shared within each class, followed later by a whole class assembly. During which the newly elected School Councillors are presented to the school and are given a special School Council Badge to wear.

Decision Making

The School Council take part in meetings involving the development and running of our school and local area. In the past they have been on the interview panel when interviewing for a new Head Teacher. In 2017 they interviewed a number of people for the role of creative arts manager to work with year three and four classes. They were also involved in discussion groups aimed at gaining funding to enhance the outdoor provision of the local area. The School Council also play an important part in our School Inspections and other school assessments such as our Healthy School Inspection.

Children’s Voice

In Bryn Deva we promote the sharing of ideas within our school. One important way for us to do that is the use of a Suggestion Box. Children and staff can all provide ideas about all aspects of school life. These are read and discussed by the council in their meetings. It is an important tool in helping our school continuously improve and ensues that everyone can contribute and have a voice.

Suggestions that have been put forward and then introduced by the council have included;

  • A clock in the hall and classrooms.
  • Flowers and plants in the corridors.
  • Enhanced toilets with the use of stickers.
  • Mirrors in the children’s toilets.
  • New football and netball kits.
  • Competitions in school.
  • Buying outdoor clothing for the children.

Heathy School

The School Council works hard to promote Heathy Eating in school. They provide stickers at lunch times for children who make healthy choices. They also take part in school assemblies sharing healthy lunch time ideas. The School Council prides itself on maintaining the school grounds. They plant spring bulbs and bedding plants in the gardens. They also work closely with the Eco Council ensuring that the school remains litter free.

Fund Raising

An important role for the council is fund raising. We do this in many different ways. Our Yearly Fun Run is always an exciting event.  Last year we raised £1,500 which was used to buy outdoor clothing and equipment. We also sell items during Fair Trade fortnight. Money raised from this has gone towards buying a defibrillator for the school and towards Keep Wales Tidy Campaigns which supports local communities in promoting gardening.

Educational Visit

The School Council have enjoyed visits to see the Chair of Flintshire County Council. Here they learn about their special role of the Chair and have tour of the Council Chambers. They have also visited the Control Room in County Hall to learn more about keeping our community safe.

Super Ambassadors

Our School Council has two Super Ambassadors. These children work closely with The Children’s Commissioner for Wales in promoting the rights of the child. They do this in many ways including visiting all classes within the school and sharing a power point presentation along with taking part in whole school assemblies.

Bring Your Scooter into School Day

As part of our ‘Active Journeys Project’, the School Council have introduced a ‘Bring Your Scooter into School Day’ every Friday!

Active Journeys

Follow the link to read the Active Journey’s Report, detailing a new initiative led by the School Council who gained the bronze award on the 4th September 2019.

Case Study