Class Teacher Support worker
Nursery Mrs Mitchell-Craig Mrs Collins

Mrs Swash

Mrs Hughes (Polish speaking)

Y nursery/reception/1 Mrs Foley Mrs Sargeant

Miss Cutler

Mrs Collins

Mrs Hughes

Mrs Stanley

Y reception/1 Mrs Graham Mrs Jones

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Hughes

Y1/2 Mrs Diamond (FP leader) Miss Freeman
Y1/2 Mr Hall Mrs Simpson
Y1/2/3 Mrs Henney

Mrs Clegg

Mrs Vernon

Miss Rowlands

Nurture Class Mrs Eccles

Miss Redfearn

Y3/4 Mrs McQuilliam (Y3/4 leader) Mrs Wood
Y3/4 Mrs Smith Mrs Davies
Y4/5 Mr Thomas Mr Pitt
Y5 Mrs Davies Mrs Cook


Y6 Ms Sullivan (Y5/6 leader)


Other teaching and support staff Other support staff
Mrs Williams – Additional Needs support Mrs Oliver – Breakfast Club and Relief Caretaker
Miss Taylor – Additional Needs support Mrs Stanley – Additional Needs Support
TBC – Family Engagement Officer Mrs Halliwell – Breakfast Club
Mr Morrison – Caretaker Miss Oliver – Breakfast Club
Mrs Curtis – Secretary and Business Manager Mrs Wilson – Assistant Secretary
Mrs Wyatt – Cook and Cleaner Mrs Goff – Kitchen Assistant and Cleaner
Mrs Croston – Head Teacher Mrs Evans – DHT and ALNCo