The following members of the Governing Body of the school meet at least once a term and a report is presented annually to parents at a general meeting.  The term of office for each Governor normally lasts for a four-year period.

  • Cllr Ryan O’Gorman
  • Cllr Paul Shotton
  • Cllr Gill Faulkner
  • Cllr Eric Faulkner
  • Mr John Pearce
  • Mrs Jane Oliver
  • Mrs Tracey Brown
  • Mrs Karen Burrows
  • Mr Mark Sephton
  • Mrs Lisa Fearn
  • Mr David Hall
  • Mrs Danae Graham
  • Mrs Shirley Davies
  • Mrs Joanne Curtis
  • Miss Shauna Matthias
  • Mr Richard Barley
  • Mr Lee Billington
  • Mrs Lisa Higgins