Glan Llyn Trip 2018

Year 4 visited Glan Llyn on the 23rd and 24th January 2018.  We arrived at around 11am.  After unloading the coach, we went straight to the meeting room where the site manager (Huw) told us which dorms and groups we are going to be in.

We had dinner and then split into two groups. Group 1 went raft building and then the high ropes whilst Group 2 went wall climbing and then high ropes. Some made the ‘leap of faith’ if they were brave enough!


Next, we had a snack before taking part in the afternoon activities which was a quiz and then learning about birds of pray.








After tea time, we went to the shop and bought some memorabilia from Glan Llyn. Then we put on our pyjamas and settled down to watch a DVD before going to bed.

The following day, after breakfast we split into our groups again.  Group 1 went wall climbing and then canoeing whilst Group 2 went canoeing and then raft building.When we were Canoeing we had to put on a buoyancy aid and were taught how to use a paddle. Then we Canoed over to an island where we played some games including a ‘dab’ race and a sing song.

It was an adventure that we will never forget.