COVID-19 Information and Advice

Extra advice and support on ADHD: ADHD Advice Line

Information on hand washing: Infection prevention and hand hygiene

Parental Advice Booklet: Ysgol Bryn Deva Parental Advice Booklet

Information about transport for September 2020: School transport protocol

A visual guide to the new school entrances: School entrances (1) School entrances (2)

Information about Free School Meals:  FSM

Reassurance letter to parents:  Reassurance letter

Statement from Flintshire County Council (07.10.20):  Advice from Flintshire LA

Local lockdown information for Flintshire County Council:  Flintshire information

COVID Symptoms and advice

Please watch the video explaining when you should have a COVID test for your child:

Advice for parents regarding COVID-19: COVID-19 information

How to keep Wales safe.

  1. Stay at home if you or your family test positive for Coronavirus.

2. Keep to the social distancing guidance

3. Wash hands regularly

4. Wear a face covering

5. Inform the school of a positive test result immediately

6. When self isolating, do not attend other activities

7. You may be required to collect your child from school at short notice

8. Help children to follow social distance guidelines when outside of school