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Connah`s Quay Primary hub information

As of Monday 30th March, pupils from the Connah`s Quay Primary schools will come together in the Bryn Deva building where child care has been requested by a small number of families who meet criteria.

Rest assured we have been working very hard this week and every effort has been made to ensure the safety of all our pupils. However, there will be many different routines for the children to get used to.

Each primary school will have their own designated area, as far away from others as is physically possible; each school will have their own washing, toilet and play area too. This is in an attempt to avoid the possibility of any cross contamination. Neither staff nor pupils from the different schools will come into contact with each other.

On arrival at Bryn Deva each primary school will have its own entrance leading to their own area . Bryn Deva`s pupils will enter by the front, main reception area on Linden Avenue. They will then go to the Bryn Deva  area which will be, what was, Mr Thomas`s class. There will be a teacher from Bryn Deva there to provide activities. The designated teacher next week is Mrs. Diamond, she will be in school for the week. The designated play area will be close to the class. No other schools will be able to access this area.

Any food prepared and distributed will be delivered to the 4 areas and left outside where the individual teachers will collect it and give it to the children. Again, staff will have no contact with each other.

It might be advisable to begin to discuss these arrangements with your children in a supportive way in order to prepare them.

If you have any concerns, however small, please contact the school via email. The school web site and SCHOOP will be regularly updated. Please keep safe.